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The relationship between manufacturers and the banking sector is “still yet to recover” almost a decade on from the start of the credit crunch, according to a new report by EEF. To read more click here

SMMT holds its eighth Automotive Summit

On 29th June the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) held its eighth International Automotive Summit. More than 330 members and key stakeholders attended the event at the IET in London. The summit was an opportunity for the industry to state its position on the future of the UK’s relationship with Europe and to launch the SMMT’s 17th Sustainability Report. To access the report click here

Britain manufacturing faces fourth industrial revolution

The fourth industrial revolution has already started, combining digital and new materials in ways that are set to transform manufacturing towards “mass customisation” of products. To read more click here

New Report pinpoints Silverstone ‘tech cluster’

A cluster of high-tech engineering businesses with “limitless” potential has been identified at Silverstone Park. To read more click here

Silverstone owners give green light to Jaguar Land Rover takeover talks

Members of the British Racing Drivers’ Club, which owns the track, have now voted in favour of further exploring a deal with JLR. To read more click here

5,000 jobs vacant in UK automotive sector due to skills shortage

A new Automotive Council report has revealed the depth of the skills shortage facing the sector. The find out more click here

Manufacturing 2015: Innovation to shape future direction of the industry

The effective use of new technology to improve both the manufacturing process and the finished products themselves will be crucial to the long term development of the industry, manufacturers have stressed. To read more click here

Local Businesses Encouraged to Support Black Country Day

Tuesday July 14th is Black Country Day. To celebrate the diversity and strength of business in the Black Country, we are launching a social media campaign in support of the day and of local Black Country businesses. The Black Country LEP is encouraging local businesses to tweet about their products, workplace or staff members.

On Tuesday 14th July, we would like local businesses to:

• Take a photograph of their product, workplace or staff.
• Post the picture to Twitter to celebrate Black Country Day.
• Include the hashtag #MadeInTheBlackCountry along with any others which might apply

On its own, a single tweet holds little power, but a range of tweets from companies celebrating the Black Country and their roots will be noticeable, generating interest in the participating accounts and the wider message. More information on this campaign can be found on the Black Country LEP website here.

Exciting Opportunity to be Involved in British Land Speed Record Attempt

The British Land Speed record stands at 301 mph and is currently held by Colin Fallows in his jet-propelled Rolls-Royce engine car “Vampire”.

It’s a record and a title that is well respected by Black Country boy Lee Gallimore.

Lee who? Lee Gallimore, it’s a name you could be hearing more of in the future, Lee is three times Supercharged Outlaw UK Champion and is working hard to achieve his dream of competing for the British Land Speed Record. It’s not going to be easy, Lee knows that. To challenge for the record is going to take dedication, investment and support from many people and organisations.

The record chasing car, which is currently in concept stage, will be powered by a pair of Rolls-Royce Adour Mk 104 engines supplied by the RAF S.E.P.C.A.T Jaguar Tactical Striker Fighter Bomber. Power from the compact, lightweight 104 engines with afterburners lit gives 16,080 lbs thrust and a top speed of 1,056 mph. The combined weight of the engines is 1.6 tons.

This power combined with a unique car design should make for an exciting attempt at breaking the British record by a British team using British built engines and components.

Thompson plays key role in auto and aerospace parts project

BLACK Country friction welding specialist Thompson has played a key role in a research project to develop advanced manufacturing processes for the production of aerospace and automotive parts.

The two-year study, supported by Innovate UK, not only explored the solid state bonding of new and dissimilar materials, but also the joining of primary assemblies. To read more click here


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